About Us
Features of our hotel which attracts the guests


Professional Staff

The staff of our hotel from every department is very skilled and professional in their working areas.

Best Room Services

The room serivces of our hotel is very client oriented and the services are provided with humbleness.

Attractive Packages

The packages of our hotel are also very attractive and we offer huge discounts for the groups.

Fresh Food

The food and beverages of our hotel are also served fresh and cooked in a hygienic environment.

Ecofriendly Environment

The surrounding environment of our hotel is also very covered by the natural greenry and trees.

Complimentry Services

The other attraction of our hotel is the complimentry pick and drop service which facilitates the clients.

private pool suite


Since our hotel has started giving our clients the hospitality services with the exclusive touch of the luxury with it, we have set the benchmark in the hotel industry in regard of the luxury lifestyle. Our hotel has been constructed by the brilliant ideas of the professional people who are themsleves from the hospitality industry and they know how to meet the guests expectations.

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