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How to Use Crystal Clay

www.beadaholique.com – Learn how to use Crystal Clay along with Swarovski crystal chatons to make beautiful jewelry. This two part epoxy clay has a 60 – 90 minute work time and cures fully in 12 – 24 hours. No special tools required and available in a wide range of colors. Make rings, pendants, cuff links, purse hangers, and more! Designer: Julie Bean Crystal Clay Bling Ring Project R610 www.beadaholique.com Pink Passion Purse Hanger Project C621 www.beadaholique.com Crystal Clay Filigree and Swarovski Chaton Compact – Sage Project C620 www.beadaholique.com Crystal Clay Filigree and Swarovski Chaton Compact – Pink Project C622 www.beadaholique.com 5th Avenue Ring Project R611 www.beadaholique.com Mint and Ice Ring Project R618 www.beadaholique.com Moonstruck Earrings Project E673 www.beadaholique.com You can find the supplies in this video at Beadaholique.com: New Crystal Clay & Chaton Mixes www.beadaholique.com New Bezel Findings – Ideal For Crystal Clay! www.beadaholique.com Beadsmith Magical Rhinestone Pick Up Tool With Cleaning Kit SKU: XTL-4004 www.beadaholique.com Bezel & Resin Pendants www.beadaholique.com Beadsmith Magical Tray For Rhinestones – Flips Flatback Rhinestones Like Magic SKU: XTL-9014 www.beadaholique.com Aluminum Triangle Bead Sorting Trays Use to Sort/Scoop & Weigh – Qty 6 SKU: XTL-9012 www.beadaholique.com Crystal Clay 2-Part Epoxy Clay Kit W/ 36 #1028 Swarovski Elements – Sage SKU: TRC-212 www.beadaholique.com

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  • AnimeFreak434

    May 17, 2012 at 4:53 am

    Yeah I am pretty sure that is the only purpose of this clay is so that you put crystals in it and put them on mirrors or findings and not have to worry about baking them.

  • Epoxy clay is a lot stronger then polymer clay, it will hold up much better to wear. It is also sticky and will adhere to a variety of surfaces without needing to be glued. A big advantage is that it does not need to be baked so you can use it on more surfaces and with various objects which could not go into an oven. One use for it is to press crystals into it, but you can also use it much like any other clay.

  • TheRoyalCraftiness

    June 29, 2012 at 1:09 am

    How much does it cost and where do you get it

  • You can get it on Beadaholique . com’s website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath the video. Click on those links to see the prices.

  • What is the difference between Crystal Clay and Decore?

  • Both Decore and Crystal Clay are self-hardening 2-part epoxy clays. Crystal Clay is softer and stickier, making it easier to mix and more pliable in a lot of instances. Decore Clay is available in a wider range of colors and can be purchased in smaller amounts. It is a drier clay then Crystal Clay but this is an advantage if you want to add texture to the clay.

  • Thank you very much for your response

  • But does it STINK?! Every single mouldable epoxy I’ve seen with two parts you have to knead together (like “Mighty Putty”, that stuff stinks to high heaven, not a chemical smell, like a legitimate raw sewage/feed-lot smell and it DOES NOT come out of your house!). Is there a foul odor to this? A really strong chemical like paint type fumes I don’t mind, but I can’t handle actual stinking-stinking.

  • I personally do not feel that the Crystal Clay has a bad odor to (there is maybe a slight clay odor). Everyone has different sensitivity levels to scent, but I tape videos for the clay in a studio with others around and no one has ever complained.

  • i love the videos
    and there are so many things im going to buy and try thank you

  • hey is any1 willing to do a rhinestone project for cash?

  • Did u end up with finger print impressions in the clay?

  • hi.. i finally found you . i was looking a way to make my own disco balls with rhinestones .. am wondering if you know were could i find crosses that i could use this clay on? i make rosaries but alot of people want them with the cross with rhinestones…….. thanks alot

  • The clay adheres to most all surfaces so just about any cross you find will work with it. We offer a couple styles that you might be interested in. Just go to our website (Beadaholique . com) and search cross and several will come up. Also we sell a DeCoRe Cross Shaped Pendant With Bezel For Epoxy Clay.

  • thanks for your fast reply……… ol i will check them out……. oh and do they have to be this type of rhinestones? or can i use flat back? i dont want them to stick out .. thanks again

  • You do initially end up with fingerprints on the resin. You can remove them by VERY lightly rubbing your finger over the clay in a back and forth motion – be very gentle though as to not change the shape of the clay.

  • You will want to use the pointed back chatons because they will grip the clay better (more surface area). Flat back stones will most likely fall off in time.

  • Hello, I have a few questions:
    - Is it possible to use Crystal Clay to make a 3D shape without any mold/bezel?
    - If yes, how would you go about leaving it to dry without it sticking to anything? (Maybe letting it dry on wax paper or something?)

    Thanks for making these videos!

  • Yes, it is possible to mold it into a 3-d shape but it will not be as easy as doing so with polymer clay. The Crystal Clay will stay sticky so you will have more of a challenge making the shape and will most likely not be able to get very much fine detail. If you were going to try and mold it, I suggest mixing up the equal amounts of part A and part B, rolling it into a ball shape, and letting it sit for 15 minutes.

  • This will make it so that it is not quite as fresh and sticky. Do this with a very little amount of the clay first just as an experiment. As to what to place it on while it cures, I am not 100% sure since it is meant to stick to basically everything. I would try a very shiny plastic paper plate – again, please experiment with a little amount first.

  • Thanks for the advice. What sort of surface should be used though? I don’t want the final product to be stuck to anything after it’s cured..

  • Crystal Clay is meant to stick to just about anything so I can’t say for certain what surface it will not stick to during the curing process. My best advice would be to find a surface with a high shine, not porous, and preferably with some flex to it like plastic. Always experiment first with a little amount of clay before doing your entire project.

  • Thanks for the advice :)

  • Do you need to bake it or just leave it under the sun?

  • Crystal Clay dries on its own. No need to bake or even leave in the sun. Just leave on your work table and it will cure overnight. 

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