Services of our hotel for the leisure experience of guests


Spa & Massage

Our hotel also provides the different variations of the spa and massage for the relief and peace for the client's body and inner sense by the skilled therapist.


The restaurant of our hotel is multicuisine and we offer the best dishes from the country and from the over seas, the chefs of our hotel are experienced and well skilled.

swimming pool

The another main reason of our hotel's attraction is the all season swimming pool. We have the trained swimming instructor which is deployed throughout the all seasons.

Holiday Packages

The packages of our hotel are also very attractive and we offer holiday discounts for the family groups, friends group, corporates duting the holiday seasons.

Sports Club

The centre of attraction of our hotel is the sports club and it is loaded with the activities and games for the hotel guests and for the members too for the leisure of time.


Bar is the very live place of the hotel and our bar is fully managed and maintained by the skilled bartenders and captain who will serve you the quality drinks.

no smoking

big beds

yacht riding

free drinks

swimming pool

room breakfast